CARIFORUM Food Safety Risk Analysis Training Program

1.	CARIFORUM Food Safety Risk Analysis Training Program

The CARIFORUM Food Safety Risk Analysis training program focused on the needs for the CARIFORUM region countries to build and strengthen their capacity of implementing risk analysis framework in science-based decisions in the food/agriculture field, which is supported through the implementing agency, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), for the 10th European Development Fund Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Projects supported by the European Union.

The training program delivered outcomes, including 1) a regional workshop delivered to the representatives of both public and private sectors from the 15 CARIFORUM member countries, 2) follow-up projects through which the training program participants can apply the principles of food safety risk analysis in simplified real-world scenarios, and 3) an interactive platform which was established for information exchange and projects’ follow-up, with an emphasis on CARIFORUM countries’ needs. More promisingly, the experience of the CARIFORUM countries can be used as a model for the other member countries of IICA other than the CARIFORUM region for their capacity building of implementing food safety risk analysis framework in their national food safety management systems.