Dr. Wang’s extension activities center around and tie closely to her research interests, food safety risk assessment, at both international and national levels. The goals of Dr. Wang’s extension program are 1) to improve sustainable food safety management practices and strengthen the productivity of food supply chain; and 2) to deliver scientific knowledge through development of effective educational programs to raise the awareness and understanding of the significance of risk analysis in food safety and public health protection and help build the capacity of implementing risk analysis framework for science-based decisions in food/agriculture field for food industry and national/international food safety authorities.

Dr. Bing Wang was recruited as Food Safety Consultant for the Food Safety and Quality Unit, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for two years, 2020-2022, and will provide technical support in the preparation and delivery of the FAO’s Provision of Scientific Advice on Food Safety. As JEMRA Expert, Dr. Wang is currently assisting the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific to plan and lead a risk profile project for a newly emerging foodborne illness in countries in Southeast Asia.