Graduate Research Assistant Position

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Dr. Bing Wang’s group seeks applications for a PhD/MS Graduate Research Assistant to work in the area of quantitative risk assessment of foodborne pathogens. The successful applicant will be enrolled as PhD or MS student majored in Food Science and Technology, under the advisement of Dr. Wang.

The position will provide the opportunity to apply expertise in (1) quantitative microbial risk assessment and its applications to various microbial hazards and food supply systems, (2) evidence synthesis approach such as systematic review and meta-analysis, and (3) predictive modelling for microbial behaviors under various intrinsic food properties and extrinsic food processing conditions. Successful applicants will be provided with opportunities of training in food microbiology, food safety plan, risk assessment, evidence synthesis, statistics, and programming particularly in the statistical language R and SAS.

 Details about this position can be found here.